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Fishers push off their boat from the beach into the water

Our Mission

to advance fisherfolk involvement in scientific research, science livelihoods, science communication and science-based management of marine resources in

Belize, Central America.

workbook and shark specimens on a workbench


Fishers4Science is a Belize-based non-profit organization that supports a unique collaboration of scientists and shark fishers who are passionately working towards the common goal of a sustainable shark fishery in Belize. United in our efforts to ensure the longevity of sharks in Belizean waters for years to come, we have come together to reduce fishing pressure, collect important information about sharks and the shark fishery as well as increase the presence of fisherfolk in everything research and management related. We are built on a foundation of four pillars: Research Conservation, Community and Education.

 Click below to learn more about F4S, our four pillars and how they support our mission and goal of achieving a sustainable shark fishery in Belize.  



shark being measured by researcher and fisher

Our research is focused on sharks, as it aims to fill data gaps in shark research for both Belize and larger scientific community. We test different methods and tools to improve shark fisheries management, use an array of different tags to study movement ecology and collect data relevant to life history studies for different species. 


Overfishing is the leading cause of decline in shark populations, globally. Here at Fishers4Science we believe fishers are an essential component of mitigating this threat. Fishers are an invaluable resource and have a lifetime of knowledge about sharks and their environment. Together, we not only reduce the fishing pressure on sharks by hiring captains to charter research expeditions and outreach programs but we enhance our collective knowledge about sharks in an understudied area.

Fisherman throwing a castnet



Our hope for a world with thriving shark populations is what motivates us to continue to work and grow our community, research efforts and educational outreach. We believe that successful, effective management and conservation comes from the ground up and starts with inclusivity. That’s why we work closely with the most important stakeholder of the shark fishery; the fishers themselves, as well as with resource managers tasked with the fishery’s longevity. When we work together, it enhances our collective ability to monitor and protect shark populations in Belize, in a way each could not achieve on their own.  


Riversdale, Stann Creek District, Belize

BZ phone +501 613-3609 | Whatsapp: +1 631-335-9744

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Boats beached on the shoreline
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